Prototype 1 – Finishing the Base

Now that I have the base pieces ready, It’s time to put this baby together and hopefully mount it on the wall.

I decided to make this base fold up “Trivial Pursuit” style.  Hypothetically, I can connect the four quadrants in such a way that it will be able to fold upon itself- even though the board itself is somewhat thick.  I used 3 pieces of tape.  The first 2 connected the top and bottom so the sides can fold backward (above).  The other piece ran  down the top front so the two already folded sides could fold together.

Seems like it works pretty well.

Time to hang this sucker up.  I had a handy laser guide to help me make sure the top was level.  The nice thing about the Foam Core is that even though the surface is large, it’s pretty light.  I could hang this myself pretty easily.

Yet another benefit of Foam Core is that I can hammer nails into it wherever I like.  I put a small nail in each corner and a few more wherever it looked like it could use one.

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