Started Prototype 1

Sometime last week I received 8 2×2′ foam core squared.  This isn’t a popular size so I had to get them custom cut.   Why order 2 x2 boards instead of 4 x4 boards?  There are several reasons.

  • 4×4 boards can’t seemed to be shipped by UPS – instead they get shipped by other methods which are costly.  The same held true when I priced out 4×4 steel sheets.
  • If my design works, Ill be able to fold up a 4×4 base into a neat 2×2 square for easy travel. (More on this later)

Last night I spent about 90 minutes drawing the grid lines – this part is really no fun.  I have improved my technique and created some simple tools – but it still takes a while.  I lined 8 boards because I want to create 2 mosaics.

Voila… Four 2×2 boards join to form one 4×4 board.  I had to stand on a chair to fit it all into the picture.

On a related note, I made sure I marked which corners of each square should go in the center.  All of the Foam Core boards I ordered were maybe 1/8″ too small so I wanted to make sure the “short” squares would be on the outside border.

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