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Duck Hunt

Quacktastic! After painting 3 batches of blue pixels, I finished my favorite mosaic yet. The pictures don’t really do justice to the size of this thing.

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Zelda “Old Man” Time Lapse Slide Show

I thought it might be cool to do a “Stop Motion” video with a series of photos that document the transition from one mosaic to another in order to illustrate how easy it is.  Unfortunatley, I couldn’t figure out how … Continue reading

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Coming Soon / Suggestions

Wow… Thanks to everybody for all the great feedback.  I’ve received enough great suggestions through various channels that I’ve decided to keep a running list in order to keep track of them and give the suggesters something to look forward … Continue reading

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Zelda Fire

I live in a high rise apartment, so I can’t have a fireplace.  This was the next best thing.  I want to try this with a black background but I don’t have enough black pixels yet.

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My favorite so far… I have since fixed the eyes based on some feedback from the experts. It took about 45 minutes to convert from Mario to Megaman. I took one picture midway through the transformation.

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