Goomba (Making of)

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I’m starting a new series of grayscale mosaics.  I have some specific reasons for this – which I’ll get into at a later time.  My first attempt is Goomba – the walking mushroom in Super Mario Brothers.   I took a bunch of pictures while creating this so I decided to dedicate a section to “the making of.”

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8 Bit Art – Cheep Cheep

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The cold weather is now upon us here in Baltimore, so I decided it was time for a new mosaic to remind me of warmer times.   “Cheep Cheep” is that bugger fish in the Super Mario Bothers water stages.  Up for a swim? Be careful, I got dangerously close to getting bit in one these photos.

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8 Bit Art – Scrambled Skull

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Sorry for the slow updates…  To all those worried the Mosaic Project had come to a close, fear not.  The project is very much alive, I’ve just been devoting my time to creating a “kit”, for the public.   This has certainly been a lot slower than I anticipated, but I am making some headway.

Anyway, my girlfriend grew a little tired of “Magic Skull,” so we put together a new, random mosaic using the same pieces.  I’m pretty happy with the result – especially considering it only took about 15 minutes between the 2 of us.




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8 Bit Art – Magic Skull

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If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll notice this actually a different base.   I’ll explain the differences in a later post,  but for now I wanted to share the test mosaic I put together to verify that the new design actually worked.  The verdict: works great!

Update: Magic Skull was recently featured on A very well named blog, Skull A Day features a new image of a skull-related work of art on a daily basis.  Very creative site that’s been at it for years.  Thanks for featuring my project!



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8 Bit Art – Spacehip Launch

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Another non-sprite mosaic…

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8 Bit Art – Minecraft Creeper

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A “Creeper” from the hit indie game Minecraft.

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8 Bit Art – Ice Hockey

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To celebrate the NHL Playoffs… and hopefully cool off my apartment a little.  This probably would look even better on a non-white wall.



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